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Alert Messages

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Alert Message Shortcode

Avada includes an alert message shortcode that you can use throughout the site. These are perfect for displaying important information, alerts or messages to your viewers. The options we include allow you to animate the box when it shows in the viewport, use font awesome icons, customize the colors, accent colors, border sizes and more. Many options to fit every situation.

Message Box Shortcodes

Choose From 4 Message Types Or Build Your Own!

Message Box Shortcodes
Message Box Shortcodes
Message Box Shortcodes
Message Box Shortcodes

Color Control

Control the background color and accent color (text / icon / border)
Message Box Shortcodes

Border Control

Control the border size and color of the message box.
Message Box Shortcodes

Box Animations

Animate the message boxes with smotth CSS3 animations. 5 animations types, 4 directions, speed control
Message Box Animations
Message Box Animations

Box Shadow

Choose if the box displays a subtle bottom shadow or not.
Subtle Bottom Shadow
No Bottom Shadow

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